Posted on: July 30, 2008 1:14 pm
Edited on: July 30, 2008 1:25 pm

AFC North

Since it is close to that time of year, i might as well give my pre-preseason predictions of what i think will happen in the AFC North.

The schedule this year appears really tough. At least, right now based on last years events. With the sched containing the NFC East and the AFC South, it can easily make the winner of our division a 9-7 team. It's just which team is that 9-7 division winner.  I also believe this years division will be abnormally close from top to bottom. Has a division ever had a year which no team wins or losses 10 games?

Pittsburgh is due for a so-so year. Willie Parker doesn't appear to be able to be a star on his own with a RB that can barrel up the gut for short yardage for him. And unless Limas Sweed shows up as the second receiver behind Ward, the Steelers offense could struggle at times. 

Prediction: I'll say Pittsburgh goes 8-8. 

Cincinnati has fire power on offense. They won't stop anyone though. And there's the off field problems. Unless Rudi Johnson returns to the heavy duty back he was a couple years ago, the Bengals will only go as far as Carson "i can't stand the Buckeyes" Palmer and Ocho Cinco can take them.

Prediction: Cincinnati will go 7-9.

Batimore still can play defense. That will keep them in games right there, but there age on D will start to show. Willis McGahee is a good back, but with the retirement of Ogden, and the lack of a solid QB, the offense will struggle.

Prediction: Baltimore will be your big loser at 5-11.

Cleveland is just as stacked on offense as anyone. The only real question is can Stallworth can prove to be worth the money and be a soled number two WR? In my opinion the defense will only improve if the d-line pickups stabilize that position.

Prediction: I sound like a homer, but the Browns will win the division at 9-7 only because the Steelers schedule is tougher since the play the Pats and Chargers, while the Brownies get the Bills and Broncos.

*This was my first Blog in history, hope I gave something worth reading.

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